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Signing up is easy. Fill out the form below, some simple paperwork. Ta-Dah. Done. Over. Fuhgeddaboudit. 

Please note that for the month of May we are requiring that all students and siblings who come to the studio are up to date on their MMR vaccine. Due to near by outbreaks, it is the only way for us to insure the safety of our newborns, infants and immune compromised community. If you have any questions regarding this policy change, please email us.

Classes must meet a 4 student minimum to run.

Our facility is ADA accessible and has a fully ADA compliant bathroom. Our classes are welcome to all who want to learn.

If you think your child is better suited to be added to an age group's class that they are not technically in, that is your call. I trust you. Just let me know. 

Payment is due at sign up via PayPal, Square or Personal Check. You must cancel a full week before the start of class for a full refund.

Boring, boring, boring, yada, on to the fun part,  Signing up! 



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